Disruptor 3.0 Beta2 发布,并行编程框架

发布于 2013年01月07日
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Disruptor 3.0 在本月初发布了 Beta1 和 Beta2 版本,改进内容为:

3.0.0.beta2 Released (7-Jan-2013)

  • Remove millisecond wakeup from BlockingWaitStrategy
  • Add RingBuffer.claimAndGetPreallocated
  • Add RingBuffer.isPublished

3.0.0.beta1 Released (3-Jan-2013)

  • Remove claim strategies and replace with Publishers/Sequences, remove pluggability of claim strategies.
  • Introduce new multi-producer publisher algorithm (faster and more scalable).
  • Introduce more flexible EventPublisher interface that allow for static definition of translators that can handle local values.
  • Allow for dynamic addition of gating sequences to ring buffer. Default it to empty, will allow messages to be sent and the ring buffer to wrap if there are no gating sequences defined.
  • Remove batch writes to the ring buffer.
  • Remove timeout read methods.
  • Switch to gradle build and layout the source maven style.
  • API change, remove RingBuffer.get, add RingBuffer.getPreallocated for producers and RingBuffer.getPublished for consumers.
  • Change maven dependency group id to com.lmax.
  • Added PhasedBackoffStrategy.
  • Remove explicit claim/forcePublish and supply a resetTo method.
  • Added better handling of cases when the gating sequence is ahead of the cursor value.
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