ModeShape 3.1.0.Final 发布,元数据管理

发布于 2013年01月19日
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ModeShape (前身是 "JBoss DNA") 是一个实现了 JCR 2.0 (JSR-283) 规范,用以提供在不同系统上的内容存储的功能。

ModeShape 3.1.0.Final 发布了,可通过 JBoss Maven repository 以及 downloads 页面来获取。入门指南请参考 getting started guide ,其他相关链接: documentationrelease notesJavaDoc, code on GitHub。


  • Federation is back! I as mentioned in my last post, ModeShape can now federate content that exists in external systems and project it into the repository as regular content. Several connectors are provided out of the box: a file system connector (very similar to what was in 2.x) that accesses files and folders on the file system and projects them as ‘nt:file’ and ‘nt:folder’ nodes; and a Git connector that accesses a local Git repository (can be a clone of one or more remotes) and projects the branches, tags, commits and trees within the Git repository as a node structure in the repository. You can even write your own connector, too.
  • Access content through CMIS. This is still a ‘technology preview’, and we’re seeking users that can try it out and give us feedback.
  • Installing ModeShape into an existing JBoss AS7.1.1 installation now also installs CMIS API for all repositories. Federation connectors are configured just like all the other repository components.
  • Deploy ModeShape into application servers and containers other than JBoss AS and EAP with our new JCA adapter.
  • Configuration improvements for large strings, JGroups, and variables.
  • Clustering bug fixes and improvements.
  • We’ve tested ModeShape 3.1 with Infinispan 5.1.2.FINAL and 5.1.8.Final. We’ve also tested with 5.2.0.CR1, but we think ModeShape 3.1 will work with Infinispan 5.2.0.Final when it is available.
  • Improved support for very large numbers of child nodes under a single parent, including with federated nodes.
  • Over 50 issues (bugs, tasks, features, etc.) resolved in this release.
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