Zabbix 1.8.16 正式版发布

发布于 2013年01月17日
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监控系统ZABBIX 1.8.16 正式版发布。经过2个RC版。2013-01-16 上一个版本是2012-08-20的1.8.15. 修正很多Bug.尽管2.0正式版已发布到2.0.4,但个人认为2.0目前还不是成熟。 还可以再等等。



What's New in 1.8.16


:: Complete List of Bug Fixes and Improvements included into 1.8.16
  • [ZBX-6034] fixed IPMI remote commands and scripts, possible poller and escalator crash
  • [ZBX-5201] added handling of PerfCounter error PDH_CALC_NEGATIVE_DENOMINATOR
  • [ZBX-6097] fixed the ability to override LDAP configuration when calling user.login
  • [ZBX-5988] fixed memory leak in functions evaluate_LOGEVENTID(), evaluate_STR().
  • [ZBX-3754] fixed "Undefined variable" in the trigger expression constructor
  • [ZBX-3038] fixed the trigger expression constructor to parse expressions created in log wizard
  • [ZBX-2793] added possibility to add macros without an item in the trigger expression
  • [ZBX-5896] fixed inserting OR condition the trigger expression constructor
  • [ZBX-5833] fixed inserting a macro in the trigger expression constructor
  • [ZBX-4695] added support of simple check keys with user macros in the trigger expression
  • [ZBX-5884] improved the trigger expression constructor to work with parentheses
  • [ZBX-5814] fixed an incorrect error message when saving an illegal trigger expression
  • [ZBX-4247] fixed processing of trigger expression if item key contains another trigger expression string
  • [ZBX-2640] fixed some issues when creating and editing log triggers
  • [ZBX-5803] fixed message initialization memory leak in IE7
  • [ZBX-5898] fixed Insert Macro button does not work in trigger constructor on IE7 and IE8
  • [ZBX-5822] fixed macro in trigger names for unixtime and other types of units
  • [ZBX-5697] fixed processing of external check parameters with the right square bracket
  • [ZBX-5454] fixed encoding of long email subject line as required by RFC-2047; thanks to Jairo Eduardo Lopez Fuentes Nacarino
  • [ZBX-5650] added more information about ProxyLocalBuffer parameter in the example configuration file
  • [ZBX-4097] changed the "application", "host" and "group" parameters for item.get and trigger.get to be case sensitive
  • [ZBX-5514] fixed SQL query in get_min_itemclock_by_itemid function
  • [ZBX-5505] fixed incorrect SQL query building using limits
  • [ZBX-5512] fixed undefined index in screens
  • [ZBX-5383] maximum data size accepted via Zabbix communication protocol is limited to 128 MB
  • [ZBX-5450] added support of "KMGTsmhdw" suffixes in the second parameter of count() function
  • [ZBX-5395] fixed {ITEM.LASTVALUE1} and {ITEM.VALUE1} expanding in the trigger.get method



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