Meteor 0.5.3 发布,Web 应用构建平台

编辑: oschina
2013-01-08 00:00:00

Meteor 是一组新的技术用于构建高质量的 Web 应用,提供很多现成的包,可直接在浏览器或者云平台中运行。


Meteor 0.5.3 发布了,主要改进内容有:

  • Adds the --settings argument to meteor deploy and meteor run. This allows you to specify deployment-specific information made available to server code in the variable Meteor.settings. It's particularly helpful for properties that differ between development, staging, and production environments. See the settings documentation for more details.

  • Minimongo now supports live queries with skip or limit (helpful for rendering "top-10" lists with #each); sorting results on dotted.sub.keys; querying for specific array elements like; and JavaScript RegExp selectors in updates and removes.

  • Re-rendering a template with Spark no longer reverts changes made by users to a preserved form element. Instead, the newly rendered value is only applied if it is different from the previously rendered value. Additionally, <INPUT> elements with type other than TEXT can now have reactive values (eg, the labels on submit buttons can now be reactive). The 0.5.3 release also improves <SELECT> rendering and preserves nested data contexts in IE.

  • Accounts adds support for "offline" access tokens with Google login; improves OAuth1Binding to permit authenticated API calls to OAuth1 providers like Twitter; preserves serviceData fields from previous logins when logging in with an external service, and restructures accounts-ui so that new login provider packages automatically work with the loginButtons helper.

  • Support unlimited open tabs in a single browser. Work around the browser per-hostname connection limit by using randomized hostnames for deployed apps.


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