jOOQ 2.6.1 发布,Java的ORM框架

发布于 2012年12月28日
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jOOQ 高效的合并了复杂SQL、类型安全、源码生成、Active Records、存储过程以及高级数据类型的 Java 类库。

jOOQ 2.6.1 只是一个小的 bugfix 版本。修复的 bug 包括:

#1890 Bad Postgres array serialisation when " or \ characters are contained in a String[]
#1937 Inefficient implementations of AbstractDataType.equals() and hashCode()
#1938 Improve AbstractField.hashCode() and AbstractTable.hashCode() and similar, as these two are called very often
#1942 Inefficient call to String.split() in StringUtils.toCamelCase() leads to non-negligible performance ovrerhead in POJO transformation calls
#1954 Bad SQL rendered when combining ORDER BY [ some-function ] with LIMIT .. OFFSET in DB2, SQL Server
#1958 Bad SQL rendered for OVER (ORDER BY [ some-function ]) for SQL Server and Sybase
#1979 Thread safety issue in org.jooq.impl.FieldList
#1992 Bad reference to org.jooq.debug.[impl].DebugListener in the manual
#1993 Bad code generated when the same table name exists in multiple schemas in SQL Server
#1995 Record.original() values aren't updated after a operation
#2007 Bad type coercion on the right hand side of a comparison predicate, when the left hand side is Field<Object>
#2011 Implement some micro-optimisations in DefaultRenderContext
#2045 Bad hashCode calculation when Records contain arrays or byte[]
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