Highcharts 2.3.3 发布,纯Javascript图表库

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2012-12-05 00:00:00


  • 兼容性:兼容当今所有的浏览器,包括iPhone、IE和火狐等等;
  • 对个人用户完全免费;
  • 纯JS,无BS;
  • 支持大部分的图表类型:直线图,曲线图、区域图、区域曲线图、柱状图、饼装图、散布图;
  • 跨语言:不管是PHP、Asp.net还是Java都可以使用,它只需要三个文件:一个是Highcharts的核心文件highcharts.js,还有a canvas emulator for IE和Jquery类库或者MooTools类库;
  • 提示功能:鼠标移动到图表的某一点上有提示信息;
  • 放大功能:选中图表部分放大,近距离观察图表;
  • 易用性:无需要特殊的开发技能,只需要设置一下选项就可以制作适合自己的图表;
  • 时间轴:可以精确到毫秒;

Highcharts 2.2.5 发布了,下载地址:Highcharts 2.3.3 

该版本主要是 bug 修复,详细记录包括:


Version 2.3.3 (2012-10-04)

  • Refactored data label alignment logic for better maintainabilit. Issue #1168Issue #1212.
  • Worked around label positioning problem in IE9 and IE10. Issue #1101.
  • Fixed gauge series data labels after regression testing
  • Fixed issue with yAxis labels with a minus prefix being wrapped into two lines. Issue #1273.
  • Fixed JS errors on continuously destroying charts in window.resize. Issue #1257.
  • Fixed orphaned marker after Point.update to null. Issue #1269.
  • Fixed issue with text wrapping and bounding boxes in Android 2. Issue #1140.
  • Worked around Safari 6 bug causing disappearing pie slices. Issue #1208.
  • Fixed wrong positions of polar column chart data labels. Issue #1199.
  • Fixed error in VML browsers when redrawing a chart with an image background. Issue #1245.
  • Fixed issue with shadow.offsetX and shadow.offsetY set to 0 being replaced by 1. Issue #1224.
  • Fixed text rotation with useHTML in Firefox 15. Issue #916.
  • Fixed issue with tooltip spilling out to the left in inverted chart. Issue #1231.
  • Fixed issue with null points in stacked columns on a logarithmic scale. Issue #1232.
  • Fixed issue with colors and borderWidth not being applied to individual dials in gauges.
  • Use point.name in the tooltip header even on datetime axis. Issue #976.
  • Fixed JavaScript errors in Firefox 3.6 when displaying the tooltip. Issue #1236.
  • Fixed floating number errors in stack totals. Issue #1223.
  • Fixed issue in 2.3 with the sizing of linked axes. Issue #84.
  • Fixed issue with span styles not being applied across line breaks in SVGRenderer. Issue #390.
  • Fixed issue with series marker options not being reflected in the legend symbol. Issue #674.


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