Nagios 3.4.3 发布,企业级监控系统

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2012-12-01 00:00:00



2012-11-30发布3.4.3 上一个版本是2011-11-09的3.4.2 遗留稳定版是2011-07-25的3.3.1

完全改进:3.4.3 - 11/30/2012
- Reverted squeue changes intended for Nagios 4
- Reapplied all patches from 3.4.2 release
- Applied fix for pagination and sorting on status.cgi #381 (Phil Randal)

3.4.2 - 11/09/2012
* Fixed issue where deleting a downtime could cause Nagios to crash (Eric Stanley)
* Corrected logic so that end times for flexible downtimes are calculated from the downtime start rather than the current time in the case where Nagios is restarted (Eric Stanley)
* Fixed issue introduced by fix for bug #124 where flexible downtimes are not taken into account on Nagios restart. (Scott Wilkerson, Eric Stanley)
* Fixed bug #247: If a service reports no performance data, the perfdata log file has no line indicating the test. (
* Fixed link for unhandled unreachable host problems on tactical overview page (Rudolf Cejka)
* Fixed bug #345 with wild card searches not paging properly on status.cgi (Phil Randal)
* Fixed bug #343 on status.cgi where Service Group Summary can potentially show wrong totals (Mark Ziesemer)


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