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PHPRPC for Ruby 3.0.4 Released 发布
范堡 2008年12月22日

PHPRPC for Ruby 3.0.4 Released 发布

范堡 范堡 发布于2008年12月22日 收藏 0 评论 0

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PHPRPC is a Perfect High Performance Remote Procedure Calling that works over the Internet. It's secure and fast. It has a smaller overhead. It's powerful and easy to use. This project is implements of PHPRPC client and server for Ruby. HomePage: This release supports Ruby 1.8.5 version or higher. It includes implements of PHPRPC client and server. The implement of server support CGI, FCGI, SCGI, LSAPI, Mongrel, Thin, Ebb, WEBrick, and also support other rack servers. You only need write one server program, and start different server when using different command line. 2008-12-20: Added P3P support.


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