FrontAccounting 2.3.13 发布

发布于 2012年11月17日
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FrontAccounting (FA)是一个针对企业ERP供应链的网页会计系统。FA 允許多使用者、多語系和多國貨幣。 FA允许多使用者、多语系和多国货币。FA接续OpenAccounting (OA)这套已停止开发软体的发展,并有更进一步的进展,OA则是由WebERP衍生出来的。

FrontAccounting 2.3.13 改进记录:

  • BLOOMBERG has been added to Exchange Rate Providers and config.php fixed.
  • Access functions have been move from renderer to current_user.
  • They were cluttering all the themes.
  • Date problems have been fixed and new date formats MmmDDYYYY, DDMmmYYY, and YYYYMmmDD implemented, e.g. 10 Nov 2012.
  • The transaction list in attachments has been replaced with a pager, and sorting is in descending order.
  • An error message in recurrent invoices has been fixed.
  • Sales Quotations and Sales Orders should not require sufficient stock check.
  •  Dimensions not utilized in Direct Invoice/Delivery.
  • A ilter for non-zero values in Bank Statement Report
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