ODABA 12.2.1 发布,数据库管理系统

发布于 2012年11月04日
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ODABA 是一个术语为导向的高层次的概念性的数据库管理系统(TODBMS)。这是根据ODMG3 OODBMS的延伸。它提供了一种基于自然语言分析的增强功能。

ODABA 12.2.1 改进记录:

  • OShell and OSI debugger have been improved.
  • Debugger functionality has been extended to support stack frame functions.
  • Error handling has been improved, and debug commands were made more similar to GDB debugger commands.
  • Setting of breakpoints on demand has been improved by enabling or disabling break points in any function.
  • A load command allows OSI functions to be updated at run-time after being changed.
  • ClassEditor provides better support for checking OSI functions.
  • Several minor improvements have been made for ODE tools.
  • Moreover, several bugs have been removed
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