Rudiments 0.38 发布,C++ 常用工具包

发布于 2012年11月02日
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Rudiments 0.38 发布,Rudiments 是一个 C++ 类库,提供一些用来编写守护进程、客户端和服务器端的基础类,还包括正则表达式、信号量和信号的处理。

Rudiments 0.38 改进记录:

  • Several contributed modifications have been included.
  • The Makefiles have been refactored for non-GNU make compatibility.
  • filedescriptor::passFileDescriptor works on OS X 10.7 now.
  • MSVC builds Release rather than Debug code by default now.
  • The directory class now has rewind, skip, and read methods.
  • The error class now uses strerror_r/strerror_s in a thread-safe manner.
  • The charstring::isNumber/isInteger methods return false for strings containing only a period or negative sign.
  • Many new methods have been added to the system class.
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