Percona Server 5.1.66-14.1 发布

发布于 2012年10月27日
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Percona Server 5.1.66-14.1 发布,该版本基于 MySQL 5.1.66 ,详细改进记录:

  • Percona Server would disconnect clients if gdb was attached and detached. This was caused by wrong signal handling. Bugs fixed #805805 and #1060136 (Laurynas Biveinis).
  • Fixed the upstream MySQL bug #61509. Crash in YaSSL was causing SSL tests failures on Ubuntu Oneiric hosts. Bug fixed #902471 (Laurynas Biveinis).
  • Fixed the upstream MySQL bug #62856 where check for “stack overrun” wouldn’t work with gcc-4.6 and caused the server crash. Bug fixed #902472 (Laurynas Biveinis).
  • Resolved the Ubuntu Percona Server package conflicts with upstream packages. Bug fixed #907499 (Ignacio Nin).
  • Percona Server would crash on a DDL statement if an XtraDB internal SYS_STATS table was corrupted or overwritten. This is now fixed by detecting the corruption and creating a new SYS_STATS table. Bug fixed #978036 (Laurynas Biveinis).
  • Postfix would crash on CentOS/RHEL 6.x when using shared dependency ( Fixed by building packages with OpenSSL support rather than the bundled YaSSL library. Bug fixed #1028240 (Ignacio Nin).
  • Fix for bug #905334 regressed by adding debug-specific code with missing local variable that would break the debug build. Bug fixed #1046389 (Laurynas Biveinis).
  • Fix for bug #686534 caused a regression by mishandling LRU list mutex. Bug fixed #1053087 (George Ormond Lorch III).
  • Fixed the upstream MySQL bug #67177, Percona Server 5.1 was incompatible with Automake 1.12. Bug fixed #1064953 (Alexey Kopytov).
  • Flashcache support resulted in confusing messages in the error log on Percona Server startup, even when flashcache was not used. This was fixed by adding new boolean option flashcache. When set to 0 (default), flashcache checks are disabled and when set to 1 checks are enabled. Error message has been made more verbose including error number and system error message as well. Bug fixed #747032 (Sergei Glushchenko).
  • Custom server builds would crash when compiled with a non-default maximum number of indexes per table. Upstream MySQL bugs fixed: #54127, #61178, #61179 and #61180. Bug fixed #1042517 (Sergei Glushchenko).
  • Cleaned up the test duplicates in regular atomic operation tests. Bug fixed #1039931 (Laurynas Biveinis).
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