MyFaces Core v2.0.15 发布

编辑: oschina
2012-09-26 00:00:00

MyFaces是 JSF (JavaServerFaces) Web框架 (JSR 127)的一个实现。JavaServer(tm) Faces Web框架是一个新的实现MVC模式的规范.

Release Notes - MyFaces Core - Version 2.0.15


    * [MYFACES-3564] - [perf] remove viewId sent inside token in HtmlResponseStateManager
    * [MYFACES-3565] - Add client side timestamp for view state expiration
    * [MYFACES-3566] - Add random token option for server side state saving
    * [MYFACES-3567] - [perf] do not include empty delta state array in both client side and server side state saving
    * [MYFACES-3568] - [perf] use viewId hashCode() instead full viewId on server side state saving SerializedViewKey


    * [MYFACES-3383] - Self nested Composite Component leads to EL Stack Overflow
    * [MYFACES-3520] - False evaluation of variables/params with the same name (c:forEach "var" and "varStatus" should be page scoped)
    * [MYFACES-3574] - Update of 'javax.faces.ViewState' input elements fails
    * [MYFACES-3579] - Inconsistent message order in h:messages
    * [MYFACES-3580] - Searching for JAR in RAR by facelets Claspath util causes FileNotFoundException
    * [MYFACES-3581] - @EJB injection into a @ViewScoped bean causes CNFE
    * [MYFACES-3583] - h:outputFormat renders unneccessary <span> tag
    * [MYFACES-3584] - h:commandLink renders onclick JavaScript referencing a non-existent HTML id
    * [MYFACES-3585] - FacesContextFactoryImpl is not released in FacesContextImpl.release()
    * [MYFACES-3589] - Allow multiple resolutions of cc into the same EL expression
    * [MYFACES-3590] - AccessControlException occurs in Classpath._searchDir
    * [MYFACES-3591] - Labels with EL expressions are not shown in messages if partial state saving is disabled
    * [MYFACES-3594] - ClassCastException after application restart due to UIViewParameter Renderer Cacheing
    * [MYFACES-3597] - Wrong message indicating ri or myfaces in the classpath
    * [MYFACES-3598] - ViewExpiredException during logout after the 3rd login
    * [MYFACES-3605] - Expression ClassCastException


    * [MYFACES-3562] - [perf] Optimize UIOutput.saveState(FacesContext)
    * [MYFACES-3563] - Improvements in State Saving Algorithm
    * [MYFACES-3572] - [perf] remember initial state for properties changed in normal JSF lifecycle
    * [MYFACES-3573] - Log only once unified EL / bean validation presence
    * [MYFACES-3576] - [perf] use get() over eval() for UIViewRoot.getViewId()
    * [MYFACES-3600] - Prevent create additional facet panel when html markup is used
    * [MYFACES-3601] - Avoid call UIViewRoot.setViewId(...) when it is not necessary to prevent state creation

New Feature

    * [MYFACES-3553] - [GAE] Add param to select jar files to be scanned for .faces-config.xml or .taglib.xml or annotations

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