YUI 3.7.0pr3,最后一个修复版本

发布于 2012年09月15日
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昨天我们发布了 YUI 3.7.0pr2 ,而今天的 pr3 包含最后的一些问题修复,可通过 Yahoo! CDN (和 download) 获取

3.7.0pr3 解决的问题:

  • Ticket #2532747: The switch to UglifyJS breaks some custom combo handlers and build scripts. There is a corresponding Shifter issue, which is where the change were made.

  • Ticket #2532746: Loader changes for pr2 create infinite loop on server-side builds. The corresponding code changes were in Pull Request #257.

  • Pull Request #256: This is a regression that fails to load some intl modules.

  • ScrollView had a few bugs fixed to address post-rendering dimension calculation (#2532732), a bug with mousewheel support (#2532742), and a bug with paginated flicking (#2532739).

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