BIND 10 新版本发布(bind10-devel-20120816)

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2012-08-17 00:00:00

Bind是一款开放源码的DNS服务器软件,Bind由美国加州大学Berkeley分校开发和维护的,全名为Berkeley Internet Name Domain它是目前世界上使用最为广泛的DNS服务器软件,支持各种unix平台和windows平台。

Bind 发布全新开发版本 BIND 10: bind10-devel-20120816


- - the introduction of isc-sysinfo, a generic tool for reporting system
  information for troubleshooting and technical support debugging.

- - unified way of configuring data sources; note that configurations may
  need to be changed to use the new "data_sources" configuration.

- - renaming of our various libraries to include a "b10-" prefix to avoid
  name clashes.

- - the DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers can now be started/stopped using
  the BIND 10 framework.

For the complete list of changes, see the ChangeLog at the end of this

BIND 10 provides a C++ library for DNS (with python wrappers) and
several cooperating daemons for providing authoritative DNS service
(with SQLite3 and in-memory backends and DNSSEC support), DNS
forwarding, and recursive name service.  It also includes experimental
DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers and a C++ library for DHCP. BIND 10 offers
statistics collection, remote configurations and operations, and
documented logging messages. Since our last snapshot release,
we have added a Fedora Linux 17 system to our build and test farm
and we have automated Valgrind usage for detecting bugs.

Documentation is included and also available via the BIND 10
website at .  We now have 1512 unique log
messages each with corresponding documentation.

The bind10-devel-20120816 source may be downloaded from:

A PGP signature of the distribution is at

The signature was generated with the ISC public key, which is
available at

Users and developers are encouraged to participate on the BIND 10
mailing lists. Please provide your feedback:

Bugs may be reported as tickets via the developers website
(after logging into Trac):

Thank you for using BIND 10. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Jeremy C. Reed
ISC Release Engineer

p.s. Here are the recent changelog entries. For more details and other
changes, see the git history.

467.    [bug]           jelte
        For configurations, allow named sets to contain lists of items.
        (Trac #2114, git 712637513505f7afb8434292ca2a98c3517dffd3)

466.    [func]          jelte
        Allow bindctl to add and remove items to and from lists
        and dicts for items of type "any". This is for easier
        (Trac #2184, git ad2d728d1496a9ff59d622077850eed0638b54eb)

465.    [doc]           vorner
        Improved documentation about ACLs in the Guide.
        (Trac #2066, git 76f733925b3f3560cfc2ee96d2a19905b623bfc3)

464.    [func]          jelte, muks
        libdns++: The LabelSequence class has been extended with some new
        methods.  These are mainly intended for internal development, but
        the class is public, so interested users may want to look into the
        (Trac #2052, git 57c61f2^..dbef0e2)
        (Trac #2053, git 1fc2b06b57a008ec602daa2dac79939b3cc6b65d)
        (Trac #2086, git 3fac7d5579c5f51b8e952b50db510b45bfa986f3)
        (Trac #2087, git 49ad6346f574d00cfbd1d12905915fd0dd6a0bac)
        (Trac #2148, git 285c2845ca96e7ef89f9158f1dea8cda147b6566)

463.    [func]          jinmei
        Python isc.dns: the Name, RRType and RRClass classes are now
        hashable.  So, for example, objects of these classes can be used
        as a dictionary key.
        (Trac #1883, git 93ec40dd0a1df963c676037cc60c066c748b3030)

462.    [build]         jreed
        BIND 10 now compiles against googletest-1.6.0 versions that are
        installed on the system as source code. For such versions, use the
        --with-gtest-source configure switch.
        (Trac #1999, git 6a26d459a40d7eed8ebcff01835377b3394a78de)

461.    [bug]           muks
        We now set g+w and g+s permissions (mode 02770) during
        installation for the BIND 10 local state directory
        ($prefix/var/bind10-devel/) so that permissions to files
        and sub-directories created in that directory are inherited.
        (Trac #2171, git ab4d20907abdb3ce972172463dcc73405b3dee79)

460.    [bug]           muks
        SSHFP's algorithm and fingerprint type checks have been relaxed
        such that they will accept any values in [0,255]. This is so that
        future algorithm and fingerprint types are accomodated.
        (Trac #2124, git 49e6644811a7ad09e1326f20dd73ab43116dfd21)

459.    [func]          tomek
        b10-dhcp6: DHCPv6 server component is now integrated into
        BIND 10 framework. It can be started from BIND 10 (using bindctl)
        and can receive commands. The only supported command for now
        is 'Dhcp6 shutdown'.
        b10-dhcp4: Command line-switch '-s' to disable msgq was added.
        b10-dhcp6: Command line-switch '-s' to disable msgq was added.
        (Trac #1708, git e0d7c52a71414f4de1361b09d3c70431c96daa3f)

458.    [build]*                jinmei
        BIND 10 now relies on Boost offset_ptr, which caused some new
        portability issues.  Such issues are detected at ./configure time.
        If ./configure stops due to this, try the following workaround:
        - If it's about the use of mutable for a reference with clang++,
          upgrade Boost version to 1.44 or higher, or try a different
          compiler (e.g. g++ generally seems to be free from this issue)
        - If it's about the use of "variadic templates", specify
          --without-werror so the warning won't be promoted to an error.
          Specifying BOOST_NO_USER_CONFIG in CXXFLAGS may also work
          (which would be the case if Boost is installed via pkgsrc)
        (Trac #2147, git 30061d1139aad8716e97d6b620c259752fd0a3cd)

457.    [build]*                muks
        BIND 10 library names now have a "b10-" prefix. This is to avoid
        clashes with other similarly named libraries on the system.
        (Trac #2071, git ac20a00c28069804edc0a36050995df52f601efb)

456.    [build]         muks
        BIND 10 now compiles against log4cplus-1.1.0 (RC releases)
        also.  Note: some older versions of log4cplus don't work any more;
        known oldest workable version is 1.0.4.  Thanks to John Lumby for
        sending a patch.
        (Trac #2169, git 7d7e5269d57451191c0aef1b127d292d3615fe2c)

455.    [func]*         vorner
        The server now uses newer API for data sources. This would be an
        internal change, however, the data sources are now configured
        differently. Please, migrate your configuration to the top-level
        "data_sources" module.  Also the bind10 -n and --no-cache
        and b10-auth -n options are removed.
        (Trac #1976, git 0d4685b3e7603585afde1b587cbfefdfaf6a1bb3)

454.    [bug]           jelte
        b10-cfgmgr now loads its configuration check plugins directly from
        the plugin search path, as opposed to importing them from the
        general python system module path list; this prevents naming
        conflicts with real python modules.
        (Trac #2119, git 2f68d7ac5c3c7cc88a3663191113eece32d46a3d)

453.    [bug]           jelte
        b10-auth no longer tries to send DDNS UPDATE messages to b10-ddns if
        b10-ddns is not running. Sending an UPDATE to BIND 10 that is not
        configured to run DDNS will now result in a response with rcode
        NOTIMP instead of SERVFAIL.
        (Trac #1986, git bd6b0a5ed3481f78fb4e5cb0b18c7b6e5920f9f8)

452.    [func]          muks, jelte
        isc-sysinfo: An initial implementation of the isc-sysinfo
        tool is now available for Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Mac
        OS X. It gathers and outputs system information which can
        be used by future tech support staff. This includes a
        generic Python "sysinfo" module.
        (Trac #2062, #2121, #2122, #2172,
        git 144e80212746f8d55e6a59edcf689fec9f32ae95)

451.    [bug]           muks, jinmei
        libdatasrc: the database-based data source now correctly returns
        glue records on (not under) a zone cut, such as in the case where
        the NS name of an NS record is identical to its owner name. (Note:
        libdatasrc itself doesn't judge what kind of record type can be a
        "glue"; it's the caller's responsibility.)
        (Trac #1771, git 483f1075942965f0340291e7ff7dae7806df22af)

450.    [func]          tomek
        b10-dhcp4: DHCPv4 server component is now integrated into
        BIND 10 framework. It can be started from BIND 10 (using bindctl)
        and can receive commands. The only supported command for now
        is 'Dhcp4 shutdown'.
        (Trac #1651, git 7e16a5a50d3311e63d10a224ec6ebcab5f25f62c)

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