Highcharts 2.2.5 发布,纯Javascript图表库

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2012-06-11 00:00:00


  • 兼容性:兼容当今所有的浏览器,包括iPhone、IE和火狐等等;
  • 对个人用户完全免费;
  • 纯JS,无BS;
  • 支持大部分的图表类型:直线图,曲线图、区域图、区域曲线图、柱状图、饼装图、散布图;
  • 跨语言:不管是PHP、Asp.net还是Java都可以使用,它只需要三个文件:一个是Highcharts的核心文件highcharts.js,还有a canvas emulator for IE和Jquery类库或者MooTools类库;
  • 提示功能:鼠标移动到图表的某一点上有提示信息;
  • 放大功能:选中图表部分放大,近距离观察图表;
  • 易用性:无需要特殊的开发技能,只需要设置一下选项就可以制作适合自己的图表;
  • 时间轴:可以精确到毫秒;

Highcharts 2.2.5 发布了,下载地址:Highcharts 2.2.5

该版本主要是 bug 修复,详细记录包括:

  • Fixed Android 2 compatibility problem. Issue 1034
  • Fixed issue with legend text not wrapping correctly to itemStyle.width option ion IE8. Issue 1021.
  • Removed double clipping assignment in development branch, and subsequent JS error on Series.remove in legacy IE. Issue 1027.
  • Fixed broken minRange after the #878 fix.
  • Reverted fix for #904 where a line with lineWidth of 0 became visible in hover state. Issue 1016.
  • Added legend.maxHeight option for paging.
  • Fixed issue with chart title and subtitle responding too late to chart resize. Issue 1012.
  • Fixed JS error on quickly changing range selection in Highstock in column charts. Issue 1004.
  • Fixed issue with clipping of legend after resize to a greater width. Issue 1001.
  • Fixed issue with size detection of rotated text in exported charts legacy IE. Issue 997.
  • Fixed issue with original mouse event information not being passed over to legendItemClick handler. Added it to event.browserEvent. Issue 4. Issue 992.
  • Fixed issue with the series.pointRange option not affecting the width of columns.
  • Added tooltip formatting options: percentageDecimals, percentagePrefix, percentageSuffix, totalDecimals, totalPrefix, totalSuffix. Issue 864.
  • Fixed issue with error #10 appearing on a chart with all null data if yAxis.min was set.
  • Fixed issue when colorByPoint was set to true, it started from the second item in the color array, whereas the first one was assigned to the whole series. Issue 974.
  • Fixed JS error on setting categories with fewer items before the chart was redrawn. Issue 970.
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