JBoss Seam 2.1.1.CR2 版本发布

发布于 2008年12月08日
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  • [JBSEAM-3034] - EJB Session Bean Injection using @In Glassfish server
  • [JBSEAM-3121] - EJB Session Bean Injection using @In weblogic server
  • [JBSEAM-3172] - Shutting down cluster node gracefully, causes NoSuchEJBException on next request
  • [JBSEAM-3568] - Jee5 example doesn't work on WAS 6.1 without workaround
  • [JBSEAM-3579] - AS5 deploys PUs from /WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/persistence.xml
  • [JBSEAM-3586] - blog example on AS 5 CR2 throws NoCachingEnabledException during deployment
  • [JBSEAM-3587] - Spring example on AS 5 throwns a non-jta-data-source error while deploying
  • [JBSEAM-3588] - seamspace example needs to use @Begin(join=true) for some actions
  • [JBSEAM-3629] - Since Seam v2.1.0, httpServletRequest.getUserPrincipal() is always returning null when using plain J2EE security
  • [JBSEAM-3655] - Caching in ServerConversationContext
  • [JBSEAM-3674] - Custom parameter value in <redirect> is not being propagated (regression)
  • [JBSEAM-3726] - Methods with an "InvocationContext" parameter annotated with "javax.ejb.PostActivate" cause a validation exception in WebSphere v7.0
  • [JBSEAM-3728] - not clearing EntityManager in ManagedPersistenceContext#sessionWillPassivate breaks session replication
  • [JBSEAM-3734] - gwt example - index.html missing
  • [JBSEAM-3741] - It is now invalid to write an an EL expression inside view-id!
  • [JBSEAM-3742] - pages.xsd cannot use static navigation
  • [JBSEAM-3754] - PermissionResolver description - opposite behaviour of filterSetByAction
  • [JBSEAM-3756] - Seam examples have invalid xml configuration files.
  • [JBSEAM-3757] - TypeNotPresentException: Type javax.ejb.Stateful not present in POJO mode (ie non ejb3..)
  • [JBSEAM-3758] - NoClassDefFoundError: org/jboss/seam/intercept/Proxy when Seam Component is an EJB in another module
  • [JBSEAM-3782] - allow callbacks to components that implement HttpSessionActivationListener interface

Feature Request

  • [JBSEAM-3393] - Italian translation for default messases.properties
  • [JBSEAM-3397] - Make Booking example run in a cluster
  • [JBSEAM-3457] - Use dynamic proxies to implement delegation in persistence
  • [JBSEAM-3612] - examples should demonstrate obtaining entity manager factory from JNDI via persistence unit reference
  • [JBSEAM-3708] - Only enable ManagedEntityInterceptor when needed
  • [JBSEAM-3720] - Extending functionality of Equality Validator with Operation (<, <=, ==, >=, >)
  • [JBSEAM-3722] - Find a way to break out of scan on hot-deploy on JBoss5
  • [JBSEAM-3729] - Recognize HotDeployFilter as a configurable filter in web.xsd
  • [JBSEAM-3749] - login-required should support EL
  • [JBSEAM-3764] - Update ICEfaces jars to 1.7.2.SP1 release on maven repository



  • [JBSEAM-3713] - Drop the OC4J chapter from the Reference Guide
  • [JBSEAM-3725] - Functional test related jar files need to be included in the distribution
  • [JBSEAM-3735] - Excel example needs a description on the page for the inline and repeat links
  • [JBSEAM-3773] - Upgrade to RichFaces 3.2.2.SR1



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