RHQ 4.4 发布,系统管理套件

发布于 2012年05月10日
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* 图形化监控
* 错误报警
* 远程配置资源
* 远程操作

RHQ 4.4 发布了,该版本除了修复了很多 bug 之外,还包含大量改善,主要有如下内容:

  • Availability now knows a type of "disabled". This allows you to mark resources while maintenance or non-connected network interfaces so that they do not show up as down and also don't create false alerts. This also includes the possibility that plugins request to mark a resource as enabled or disabled
  • Faster availability reporting
  • Faster availability checking in the agent, that is also less bursty than in the past
  • Plugins can now request an availability check for a resource
  • Alerting has been improved: It is now possible to react on availability being in a certain state for some period of time (see the release notes for a long explanation
  • The JBoss AS 7 plugin has been massively improved
  • Denis Krusko has provided some initial Russian translations of the UI
  • Reports like Suspect Metrics, Recent Operations or Recent Drift can now be exported in CSV format to e.g. post-process them in Open/LibreOffice.
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