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PacketFence 3.3.0 发布,网络接入控制
红薯 2012年04月14日

PacketFence 3.3.0 发布,网络接入控制

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PacketFence 3.3.0 是一个主要的更新版本,改进内容包括:

1. AlliedTelesis switches support.
2. Introduction of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for Aruba, AeroHIVE, Meru, and Motorola equipment.
3. Guests can now pre-register in advance or have their network access sponsored.
4. Simplified inline enforcement.
5. Several new configuration parameters that affects guest handling.
6. Noteworthy fixes include a RADIUS Identity privacy fix and Captive portal look on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).
7. There is some polishing and translation updates

PacketFence是开源NAC (网络接入控制) 中的佼佼者,它可靠、容易配置,且构建于未修改的开源代码之上(Fedora, LAMP, Perl, and Snort)。PacketFence的设计目的是要在不同种类的环境中运行,并且它使用了“不可知厂商隔离”( vendor-agnostic isolation)技术,其中包括DHCP范围改变和ARP高速缓存处理技术(“被动”模式)等。

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