YUI 3.5.0 正式版发布

发布于 2012年04月11日
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YUI 3.5.0 正式版发布了,可通过 CDN http://yui.yahooapis.com/3.5.0/build/yui/yui-min.js 或者 download 获取.


  • Availability of YUI in Node.js as an NPM module
  • Formal introduction of “night”, our second skin offering
  • Introduction of App, Button, CSSButton, Handlebars, Pjax, TestConsole components
  • Refactoring of CSS Grids to be even more lightweight and versatile
  • Refactoring of the Get utility for additional feature support and performance enhancements
  • Refactoring of Loader to implement Get’s asynchronous functionality
  • The Uploader component received an HTML5 implementation which includes drag-and-drop functionality, plus a much improved progressive enhancement scenario, granular queue management and accessibility.
  • Keyboard navigation add to the Calendar component
  • Enhancements to App, Charts, and DataTable components
  • Numerous bug fixes

API 上需要注意的改动和废弃的方法:

  • The App Framework family of modules, including Model, Controller/Router, and View have received significant enhancements. An overview of the changes was covered in an earlier blog post, and a detailed list of changes can be found in the history file.
  • We introduced asynchronous loading in Loader by default. This means that any script Loader injects into the page will be loaded asynchronously. This will decrease load time and improve performance by allowing the browser to fetch as many scripts at once as it can. If your custom modules are properly wrapped in a YUI.add callback, you will see no difference at all. However, if you are loading custom modules that require ordered script loading (depends on another dynamic, unwrapped module), you will need to change your module config to tell Loader to not load these modules with the async flag. You can do this by adding an async: false config to its module definition and Y.Get.script will not load it asynchronously.
  • Uploader was refactored in order to support HTML5 functionality when available. The 3.4.1 version was deprecated and made available as uploader-deprecated. A migration guide is available at http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/uploader/migration.html.
  • An update to Charts custom formatting may cause backward compatibility issues when upgrading under certain circumstances. Please see the Known Issues section for more detail.
  • DataTable was refactored in order to leverage Model, ModelList, and View. The 3.4.1 version was deprecated and made available as datatable-deprecated, datatable-base-deprecated, datatable-sort-deprecated, etc. A migration guide is available at http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/datatable/migration.html.
  • A small number of methods, properties, and config options were deprecated in Get, but are still supported for backcompat. They’ll be removed in a future release. Full details are available in Get’s history file.

详细列表请看 rollup of 3.5.0 changes

我们将很快发布 YUI 3.6 的路线图

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yui3是个值得研究的框架, 最起码不像jQuery那样, 用到最后连js怎么写都忘记了......

yui3是个值得研究的框架, 最起码不像jQuery那样, 用到最后连js怎么写都忘记了......