XtraBackup 2.0.0 GA 发布

发布于 2012年04月05日
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XtraBackup 发布了全新里程碑 2.0 的首个 GA 版本,该版本改进可可靠性和用户体验,2.0 版本并没有在最后的 beta 版本 1.9.2 上做任何改动,只是版本号的改变。

与 1.6 版本比较主要新特性如下:

  • Percona XtraBackup can now save Galera replication information while performing a backup when given the --galera-info option to innobackupex.
  • XtraBackup now supports compressed backups. These backups can be done in a parallel way, thus utilizing multiple CPU cores if needed. In previous versions, compression was only possible with streaming backups + external (usually single-threaded) compression utilities, which also had a number of other limitations (e.g. could not be used with parallel file copying, it was required to uncompress the entire backup to restore a single table).
  • Percona XtraBackup now supports streaming incremental backups. In previous versions streaming backups were performed by the innobackupex script but incremental backups were done by the xtrabackup binary which calculated deltas by scanning data files. Which meant those two feature were mutually exclusive, i.e. one couldn’t do streaming incremental backups.
  • As part of the backup, the LRU dump is now included as well.
  • Support for compiling and running Percona XtraBackup against debug versions of InnoDB. This is only for very advanced users.

你可以从 downloads site 下载或者通过 YUM or APT repositories 安装.

同时发布的还有 XtraBackup 1.6.6

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