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Lunzip 1.1 发布,lzip 解压缩工具
红薯 2012年04月03日

Lunzip 1.1 发布,lzip 解压缩工具

红薯 红薯 发布于2012年04月03日 收藏 0 评论 0

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Lunzip 是一个用来解压 lzip 文件工具,采用 C 语言开发,可用于嵌入式设备的开发。Lunzip 不具备压缩功能。

Lunzip 1.1 改进记录:

1. Lunzip now prints only one status line for each multi-member file when only one "-v" is specified.
2. The inability to change output file attributes has been downgraded from an error to a warning.
3. Quote characters in messages have been changed as advised by GNU Coding Standards.
4. The configure option "--datadir" has been renamed to "--datarootdir" to follow GNU Standards.

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