TorqueBox v2.0.0 发布,Ruby 应用平台

发布于 2012年04月03日
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TorqueBox 团队很高兴的发布了 TorqueBox v2.0.0.


TorqueBox (目前已改名为 TurkeyBox)是一个集成了流行的Ruby技术的忍者级应用平台,与 Ruby on Rails 类似,同时扩大了Ruby应用功能,以支持包括任务调度,任务队列,SOAP 处理和远程通讯。

TorqueBox  2.0.0 final 是一个主要的更新版本,主要改进包括:

该版本修复了 CR1 的问题:

  • [TORQUE-190] - Create Documentation for Production setup of Torquebox
  • [TORQUE-683] - Stomplets fails sometimes during setup
  • [TORQUE-713] - TorqueBox documentation should highlight necessary postgres XA configuration changes
  • [TORQUE-715] - torquebox upstart task does not properly kill standalone server when stopping the torquebox service
  • [TORQUE-723] - jobs cannot load classes in a namespace
  • [TORQUE-725] - Document new torquebox run options
  • [TORQUE-726] - by default the Gemfile does not specify the version of torquebox, which cause bundle to bring in 1.1.1 => causes errors at runtime
  • [TORQUE-728] - Log a Warning and Disable XA When We Can't Parse database.yml
  • [TORQUE-729] - injection analyzer fails at startup
  • [TORQUE-730] - Default Xss is too small for medium-to-large Rails apps
  • [TORQUE-731] - torquebox.rb DSL no longer forwards options to services
  • [TORQUE-732] - Don't Automatically Attempt XA Connections to Non-Standard Database Keys in database.yml
  • [TORQUE-733] - Limit Maximum Stack Depth During Injection Analysis
  • [TORQUE-736] - Upgrade to AS 7.1.1.Final
  • [TORQUE-737] - Rails template (for Rails 2.x, at least) should enable torquebox_store for non-session caching (Rails.cache)
  • [TORQUE-738] - Torquebox/JBoss tries to deploy netty jar as application
  • [TORQUE-739] - Component configuration involving arrays don't survive full transfer to components when using torquebox.rb DSL
  • [TORQUE-743] - Write a basic config/torquebox.yml with some instructional comments as part of $TORQUEBOX_HOME/share/rails/template.rb
  • [TORQUE-744] - Support torquebox_init.rb in both ROOT and ROOT/config
  • [TORQUE-745] - TorqueBox Session (Section 4.4) Docs Should Show Session Usage for Rack Apps and Cross-Reference Rails / Sinatra Examples
  • [TORQUE-746] - TorqueBox::Infinispan::Cache not using cluster, always local
  • [TORQUE-747] - Change deploy:restart deploy:stop deploy:start behaviour
  • [TORQUE-749] - Clustered Jobs/Services should be singleton by default
  • [TORQUE-750] - Resource Injection is befuddled
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