JBoss-Rails 1.0 Beta 2 Released

发布于 2008年12月04日
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The second beta of JBoss-Rails is now available.  This release brings about a handful of visible changes:

  • *-rails.yml now supports mapping to a virtual host
  • jboss-scheduler.yml for recurring scheduled tasks
  • jboss-rails-env.yml for setting RAILS_ENV if you don't use *-rails.yml
  • jboss-web.yml for setting web config if you don't use *-rails.yml
  • lib/java/**.jar loaded into your classpath
  • lib/java/classes/ loaded into your classpath

The extra jboss-rails-env.yml and jboss-web.yml files allow you to simply symlink your application into your deploy/ directory, if you so choose.  Ultimately, it'll support deployment of Rails applications bundled into a JAR archive, without using *-rails.yml .  But we're not yet able to deploy archives.

Plus a whole bunch of clean-ups, refactorings, and better following of Microcontainer's best practices.

Obtain the release

If you just want to drop the JBoss-Rails deployer into your existing AS 5.0.x, you can grab the simple deployer distribution:

If you don't have an AS 5.0.x already handy, this a bundle of AS 5.0.x from the latest nightly build, plus the JBoss-Rails deployer installed in the 'all' and 'default' configurations:

Just unzip it, set $JBOSS_HOME , and you should be good to go.

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