Evince 3.4.0 发布,文档浏览器

发布于 2012年03月30日
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evince 是一个支持多种格式的文件浏览器,如的PostScript , PDF格式,单页和多页TIFF , DVI接口, DjVu ,等等。它具有网页的缩略图,通过Gnome或基于GTK +印刷框架和范围内搜索文件。它支持显示的PDF索引和浏览PDF文件的加密。

Evince 3.4.0 发布了,主要改进内容:

1. New keyboard shortcuts have been introduced for navigating to the previous and next "find" matches.
2. A "Send To" action has been added to the file menu and the toolbar.
3. The "--named-dest" commandline option has been implemented, adding spawn and DBus support for named destinations.
4. A setting to disable auto-reloading has been introduced.
5. T1 font mapping files are now used in the DVI backend.
6. Odd-numbered pages can now also be displayed on the left.
7. Use of several deprecated GLib and GTK+ APIs has been removed.
8. synctex has been updated to version 1.17 to fix problems with file paths. Bugs have been fixed, and documentation improved.

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