fstransform 0.9.3 发布,文件系统类型更改工具

发布于 2012年03月29日
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fstransform 是一个用来更改文件系统类型的工具,例如将 jfs/xfs 更改为 ext2/3/4 等。无需进行数据备份,不过当前只支持 Linux。

fstransform 0.9.3 改进内容:

1. significantly enhances "fsremap", adding automatic job checkpointing and the ability to resume unfinished jobs from the checkpoints (this means it can now recover from multiple user interruptions, crashes, or even power failures).
2. It also enhances "fstransform", adding the ability to transform a non-mounted device, inserting appropriate cleanup after errors, and adding new options to ease integration with third party tools (such as gparted).
3. Some options have been slightly renamed, and persistent files and logs are now stored in /var/tmp/fstransform/.

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