Atlassian Bamboo 4.0 发布,持续集成系统

发布于 2012年03月29日
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Atlassian Bamboo 4.0 发布了,Atlassian Bamboo 是一款持续集成构建服务器软件(Build Server)Bamboo的特点: 简单的用户界面 容易安装 - 顺利的话,5分钟内就可以让运行起来! 自动检测你的设置 - 如果您的Server上使用了Maven,Ant或者Java设置, Bamboo会自动检测他们; 连续的日志 - 监测你的build的colour coded日志; 容易显示所有项目


1. Adds Plan Branches which work for both DVCS and centralized version control environments.
2. Advanced support for DVCS automatically detects new branches as they are created, tests the changes, and can merge the branches into mainline development.
3. For VCS, developers can easily add a Plan Branch to the Plan, manually.
4. The new Test Quarantine feature allows system administrators to isolate a broken test so it can be re-visited at a later time and not affect the outcome of the build.
5. UI changes are also part of the release.

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