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jsoup 1.6.2 发布,最棒的 Java HTML 解析器
红薯 2012年03月28日

jsoup 1.6.2 发布,最棒的 Java HTML 解析器

红薯 红薯 发布于2012年03月28日 收藏 12 评论 3


jsoup 1.6.2 发布了,改版包含很多的 bug 修复,松散的 XML 解析模式,功能调整以及内存的改进。


 - Added a simplified XML parsing mode, which can usefully parse valid and invalid XML, but does not enforce any HTML document structure or special tag behaviour.

 - Added the optional ability to track errors when tokenising and parsing.
 - Added Jsoup.connect.cookies(Map) method, to set multiple cookies at once, possibly from a prior request.
 - Added Element.textNodes() and Element.dataNodes(), to easily access an element's children text nodes and data nodes.
 - Added an example program that demonstrates how to format HTML as plain-text, and the use of the NodeVisitor interface.
 - Added Node.traverse() and Elements.traverse() methods, to iterate through a node's descendants.
 - Updated Jsoup.connect() so that when requests made as POSTs are redirected, the redirect is followed as a GET.
 - Updated the Cleaner and whitelists to optionally preserve related links in elements, instead of converting them to absolute links.
 - Updated the Cleaner to support custom allowed protocols such as "cid:" and "data:".
 - Updated handling of base href tags, to act on only the first one seen when parsing, to align with modern browsers.
 - Updated Node.setBaseUri(), to recursively set on all the node's descendants.
Bug fixes:
 - Fixed an issue where all HTML parse errors where being tracked as new objects, creating high memory pressure on low-memory devices.
 - Fixed handling of null characters within comments.
 - Tweaked escaped entity detection in attributes to not treat &entity_... as an entity form.
 - Fixed doctype tokeniser to allow whitespace between name and public identifier.
 - Fixed issue where comments within a table tag would be duplicate-fostered into body.
 - Fixed an issue where a spurious byte-order-mark at the start of a document would cause the parser to miss head contents.
 - Fixed an issue where content after a frameset could cause a NPE crash. Now correctly implements spec and ignores the trailing content.
 - Tweaked whitespace checks to align with HTML spec.
 - Tweaked HTML output of closing script and style tags to not add an extraneous newline when pretty-printing.
 - Substantially reduced default memory allocation within Node.outerHtml, to reduce memory pressure when serialising smaller DOMs.



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