POI 3.8-FINAL 版发布

发布于 2012年03月27日
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POI 3.8 正式版发布了,该版本主要改进内容包括:

  • add52928 - DateFormatConverter: an utility to convert instances of java.text.DateFormat to Excel format patterns(poi-developers)
  • fix52895 - show SSTIndex instead of XFIndex in LabelSSTRecord.toString()(poi-developers)
  • fix52835 - Tolerate missing Count and UniqueCount attributes when parsing shared strings table in XSSF eventusermodel(poi-developers)
  • add52818 - Added implementation for RANK()(poi-developers)
  • fix52682 - allow setting text with trailing carriage return in HSLF(poi-developers)
  • fix52244 - use correct text attributes when presentation has multiple TxMasterStyleAtoms of the same type(poi-developers)
  • addsupport setting background color of sheet tab in XSSF(poi-developers)
  • add51564 - support for enforcing fields update in XWPF(poi-developers)
  • add51673 - support grouping rows in SXSSF(poi-developers)
  • add51780 - support replacement of content types in OPC packages (poi-developers)
  • fix52784 - replace ISO control characters with question marks in SXSSF to be consistent with XSSF (poi-developers)
  • add52057 - updated formula test framework to be aware of recently added Functions (poi-developers)
  • add52574 - support setting header / footer page margins in HSSF (poi-developers)
  • add52583 - fixed WorkbookUtil#createSafeSheetName to escape colon (poi-developers)
  • add51710 - fixed reading shared formulas in XSSF (poi-developers)
  • add52708 - misc improvements in CellFormat (poi-developers)
  • add52690 - added a getter for length of encrypted data in Ecma and Agile decryptors(poi-developers)
  • fix52255 - support adding TIFF,EPS and WPG pictures in OOXML documents (poi-developers)
  • fix52078 - avoid OutOfMemoryError when rendering groupped pictures in HSLF (poi-developers)
  • fix52745 - fixed XSSFRichtextString.append to preserve leading / trailing spaces (poi-developers)
  • fix52716 - tolerate hyperlinks that have neither location nor relation (poi-developers)
  • fix52599 - avoid duplicate text when rendering slides in HSLF(poi-developers)
  • fix52598 - respect slide background when rendering slides in HSLF(poi-developers)
  • fix51731 - fixed painting shape outlines in HSLF(poi-developers)
  • fix52701 - fixed seting vertical alignment for XSLFTableCell(poi-developers)
  • fix52687 - fixed merging slides with pictures with associated custom tags(poi-developers)
  • add allow runtime registration of functions in FormulaEvaluator(poi-developers)
  • fix52665 - When reading from a ZipFileZipEntrySource that has already been closed, give IllegalArgumentException rather than NPE(poi-developers)
  • fix52664 - MAPIMessage may not always have name chunks when checking for 7 bit encodings(poi-developers)
  • fix52649 - fixed namespace issue in WordToFoConverter(poi-developers)
  • fix52385 - avoid trancated array and vector data when reading OLE properties(poi-developers)
  • fix52662 - CharacterRun NPE fix when fetching symbol fonts, where no fonts are defined(poi-developers)
  • add52658 - support mergin table cells in XSLF(poi-developers)
  • addvalidate row number and column index in SXSSF when creating new rows / cells(poi-developers)
  • fix51498 - fixed evaluation of blank cells in COUNTIF(poi-developers)
  • add52576 - support changing external file references in HSSFWorkbook(poi-developers)
  • add49896 - support external references in FormulaRenderer(poi-developers)
  • fix52527 - avoid exception when matching shared formula records in HSSF(poi-developers)
  • add52568 - Added methods to set/get an XWPFRun's text color(poi-developers)
  • add52566 - Added methods to set/get vertical alignment and color in XWPFTableCell(poi-developers)
  • add52562 - Added methods to get/set a table row's Can't Split and Repeat Header attributes in XWPF(poi-developers)
  • add52561 - Added methods to set table inside borders and cell margins in XWPF(poi-developers)
  • add52569 - Support DConRefRecord in HSSF(poi-developers)
  • add52575 - added an option to ignore missing workbook references in formula evaluator(poi-developers)
  • addValidate address of hyperlinks in XSSF(poi-developers)
  • fix52540 - Relax the M4.1 constraint on reading OOXML files, as some Office produced ones do have 2 Core Properties, despite the specification explicitly forbidding this(poi-developers)
  • add52462 - Added implementation for SUMIFS()(poi-developers)
  • addPOIXMLPropertiesTextExtractor support for extracting custom OOXML properties as text(poi-developers)
  • fix52449 - Support writing XWPF documents with glossaries (Glossaries are not yet supported, but can now be written out again without changes)(poi-developers)
  • fix52446 - Handle files which have been truncated by a few bytes in NPropertyTable(poi-developers)
  • fix52438 - Update CellDateFormatter to handle times without seconds(poi-developers)
  • add52389 - Support ?/? as well as #/# fractions, and tighten DataFormatter rules for fraction matching(poi-developers)
  • add52200 - Updated XWPF table example code (poi-developers)
  • add52378 - Support for WORKDAY and NETWORKDAYS functions(poi-developers)
  • add52349 - Merge the logic between the TEXT function and DataFormatter(poi-developers)
  • fix52349 - Correctly support excel style date format strings in the TEXT function(poi-developers)
  • fix52369 - XSSFExcelExtractor should format numeric cells based on the format strings applied to them(poi-developers)
  • fix52369 - Event based XSSF parsing should handle formatting of formula values in XSSFSheetXMLHandler(poi-developers)
  • fix52348 - Avoid exception when creating cell style in a workbook that has an empty xf table(poi-developers)
  • fix52219 - fixed XSSFSimpleShape to set rich text attributes from XSSFRichtextString(poi-developers)
  • fix52314 - enhanced SheetUtil.getColumnWidth(poi-developers)
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