Weld 1.1.6.Final 发布

发布于 2012年03月23日
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Weld 的更新版本 1.1.6.Final 发布了,该版本包含很多大 bug 的修复,详细内容:

[WELD-580] - Around-Invoke Interceptors with wrong signature should cause DefinitionException
[WELD-627] - Clarify the implementation and usage of WeldClass.getWeldMethods, WelldClass.getDeclaredWeldMethods
[WELD-665] - Servlet injection not working on EAP 5.1
[WELD-680] - Weld tests fail on IBM JDK
[WELD-687] - Refactoring InstantiatorFactory to allow per-deployment configuration
[WELD-820] - When invoking a method that is not intercepted, invocations on this are intercepted/decorated
[WELD-853] - @AroundInvoke annotations added by SPI are ignored
[WELD-909] - Dual faces mapping and cid parameter for conversational redirect
[WELD-910] - Wrong example code - refering non-existent Weld#shutdown()
[WELD-911] - Shared dependent instance injection with circular reference through decorator
[WELD-926] - Weld Servlet still uses old Google Collections instead of Guava
[WELD-930] - Producer is made an alternative if the declaring bean class is an alternative
[WELD-937] - Documentation issue - Instantiating abstract class
[WELD-954] - URIs escaped twice in URLScanner
[WELD-967] - @ThreadScope documentation bug
[WELD-977] - Specialized bean does not disable producer method of its parent
[WELD-986] - Interceptors and decorators may not declare observer methods
[WELD-989] - #{conversation.id} instead of #{javax.enterprise.context.conversation.id} mentioned in the reference guide
[WELD-997] - Custom implementation of Interceptor never invoked
[WELD-999] - Interceptor binding transitivity broken
[WELD-1007] - Weld SE startup fails.
[WELD-1016] - Weld creates multiple interceptor instances per target instance
[WELD-1024] - Missing check that specializing bean has all the bean types of specialized bean
[WELD-1026] - @New session beans created eagerly
[WELD-1028] - CLONE - URLScanner can not handle paths containing spaces
[WELD-1036] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException destroying Stateful SessionBean
[WELD-1044] - ConversationPropagationFilter active for non-JSF requests
[WELD-1048] - Decorated dependent bean not passivation capable
[WELD-1056] - Weld-servlet brings transitive dependency on weld-build-config
[WELD-1062] - Superclass of a modified AnnotatedType is ignored
[WELD-1067] - Thread safety issue in BeansClosure
[WELD-1068] - Weld conversation crash when used in portlet
[WELD-1075] - Ambiguous dependencies when only one correct dependency exists
[WELD-1077] - java.lang.VerifyError when applying an interceptor on a method in a class with final equals
[WELD-1083] - Weld only detects conflicting interceptor bindings on classes, but not on methods
[WELD-1091] - Test failures on JDK7

[WELD-1055] - Exception when deploying EJB with duplicated Interceptors-annontation is not informative enough

[WELD-731] - Bind BeanManager to JNDI when naming context is read/write (as in JBoss AS/EAP 5)
[WELD-894] - Around-Invoke interceptors should not wrap RuntimeException into WeldException
[WELD-1000] - Pass extension instances to bootstrap
[WELD-1043] - Convert Weld example ftests to Ajocado

[WELD-27] - Consider using JBoss maven plugin, not ant for example builds
[WELD-398] - Unable to run translator example with settings for cluster
[WELD-494] - Add Arquillian test to the dist examples
[WELD-655] - maven-jetty-plugin not configured correctly
[WELD-1005] - Upgrade surefire plugin to 2.10
[WELD-1064] - Upgrade dependency jboss-interceptors-api from 1.0.0.Beta1 to 1.0.0.Final
[WELD-1084] - Introduce class InterceptorBindingType
[WELD-1092] - Configure m2e to ignore Checkstyle Plugin

这个版本可能是 1.1 的最后一个版本。

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