Apache Traffic Server 3.0.4 发布

发布于 2012年03月22日
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Apache Traffic Server 3.0.4 发布了,2012-03-21  除了squid varnish之外的代理服务器选择。这是之前yahoo开发并使用的,现在并入到Apache中。国内taobao应该用了很多。上一个版本是2011-12-08的3.0.2 没有正式发布3.0.3

Traffic Server 是一套快速、模块化的兼容 HTTP/1.1 的反向代理服务器,与 Nginx 和 Squid 类似,目前该项目已经转到 Apache 基金会。

Changes with Apache Traffic Server 3.0.4

  *) [TS-824] Range requests that result in cache refresh give 200 status
   response with full contents. Review and suggestions for improvements
   by Charlie Gero.

  *) [TS-880] Major performance problem with second request on same keep-alive connection
   Author:      weijin

  *) [TS-1110] logstats incorrectly bucketizes all status codes greater
  than 599 as 5xx
  *) [TS-1065] Traffic Cop: segment fault when TRACE_LOG_COP is enabled
   Author: Conan Wang

  *) [TS-948] do not reload bad remap.config

  *) [TS-845] make proxy.config.cluster.ethernet_interface default to
   loopback interface: lo on linux and lo0 on bsd derivatives

Changes with Apache Traffic Server 3.0.3

  *) [TS-876] forward map based on request receive port

  *) [TS-1004] Transformation plugins cause connection close when content
   length is not known ahead. Author: Otto van der Schaaf.

  *) [TS-1055]: Wrong implementation of TSHttpSsnArgGet().
    Author: Yakov Kopel

  *) [TS-1074] PluginVC should schedule to the local queue instead of the
  external queue.

  *) [TS-1066] TSHttpTxnServerReqHdrBytesGet in InkAPI.cc has an extra
   parameter (int *bytes) from the prototype in <ts/ts.h>.
   Author: Alistair Stevenson

  *) [TS-874] make asf-dist work with git repo

  *) [TS-1038] SHttpTxnErrorBodySet() can leak memory.

  *) [TS-1095] ts.h.in has incorrect declaration for TSFetchURL

  *) [TS-1014] slow log can not print logs well on 32-bit system,
  changed the %d to RPI64. Author: weijin.

  *) [TS-830] Better error when there are CLI permission problems, or
   other problems preventing operation. Author: AdunGaos.

  *) [TS-1046] Add possibility to extend tsxs command line for -Iincludes.

  *) [TS-1047] fix lots of spelling mistakes
   Author: Arno T<C3><B6>ll


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