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Node.js 发布 0.7.6 (unstable)
红薯 2012年03月14日

Node.js 发布 0.7.6 (unstable)

红薯 红薯 发布于2012年03月14日 收藏 1 评论 1

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2012.03.13, Version 0.7.6 (unstable)

  • Upgrade v8 to 3.9.17
  • Upgrade npm to 1.1.8

    - Add support for os/cpu fields in package.json (Adam Blackburn)
    - Automatically node-gyp packages containing a binding.gyp
    - Fix failures unpacking in UNC shares
    - Never create un-listable directories
    - Handle cases where an optionalDependency fails to build

  • events: newListener emit correct fn when using 'once' (Roly Fentanes)
  • url: Ignore empty port component (Łukasz Walukiewicz)
  • module: replace 'children' array (isaacs)
  • tls: parse multiple values of a key in ssl certificate (Sambasiva Suda)
  • cluster: support passing of named pipes (Ben Noordhuis)
  • Windows: include syscall in fs errors (Bert Belder)
  • http: #2888 Emit end event only once (Igor Zinkovsky)
  • readline: add multiline support (Rlidwka)
  • process: add process.hrtime() (Nathan Rajlich)
  • net, http, https: add localAddress option (Dmitry Nizovtsev)
  • addon improvements (Nathan Rajlich)
  • build improvements (Ben Noordhuis, Sadique Ali, T.C. Hollingsworth, Nathan Rajlich)
  • add support for "SEARCH" request methods (Nathan Rajlich)
  • expose the zlib and http_parser version in process.versions (Nathan Rajlich)

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