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PieDock 1.5.0 发布
红薯 2012年03月12日

PieDock 1.5.0 发布

红薯 红薯 发布于2012年03月12日 收藏 0 评论 0

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PieDock一个圆形菜单直接出现在你的鼠标光标的形状任务栏。感觉就像在Mac OS X停靠,但有一个圆形的形状小点点。


1. Shows workspaces with window positions for one-icon-per-window menus if the corresponding window is not on the current workspace.A new action (ShowWindows) that shows a menu of windows for the selected icon.
2. Binaries are now all lower case to comply with Debian packaging rules.
3. An option to ask GTK for icons (--enable-gtk).
4. Icons gathered from windows are now saved by default.
5. Uses Fitts' Law by default. Default size is now 320px.
6. Default Xft font size in titles is now 9.0.
7. Socket file doesn't include DISPLAY anymore

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