Jetty 7.6.2 和 8.1.2 (v20120308) 发布

发布于 2012年03月10日
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Jetty 今天发布了两个更新版本,目前 Jetty 开发团队正在解决一些挥之不去的跟 OSGi 使用相关的 JSP 问题,这些问题将会在下一个版本中给予解决。

而今天发布的两个新版本主要也是 bug 修复,修复的同一些问题:

 + 370387 SafariWebsocketDraft0Test failure during build.
 + 371168 Update ClientCrossContextSessionTest
 + 372093 handle quotes in Require-Bundle manifest string
 + 372457 Big response + slow clients + pipelined requests cause Jetty spinning and eventually closing Connections. Added a TODO for a method renaming that will happen in the next major release (to avoid break implementers).
 + 372487 JDBCSessionManager does not work with Oracle
 + 372806 Command line should accept relative paths for xml config files
 + 373037 jetty.server.Response.setContentLength(int) should not close a Writer when length=0
 + 373162 add improved implementation for getParameterMap(), needs a test though and the existing setup doesn't seem like it would easily support the needed test so need to do that still
 + 373306 Set default user agent extraction pattern for UserAgentFilter
 + 373567 cert validation issue with ocsp and crldp always being enabled when validating turned on fixed
 + JETTY-1409 GzipFilter will double-compress application/x-gzip content
 + JETTY-1489 WebAppProvider attempts to deploy .svn folder
 + JETTY-1494 .

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