Mercurial 2.1.1 发布

发布于 2012年03月04日
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Mercurial 2.1.1 发布了,该版本主要是 bug 修复。


主要修复的 bug 包括:

  • bdiff: fix malloc(0) issue in fixws()
  • bugzilla: stop XMLRPC requests from requesting gzipped responses
  • bundlerepo: bundle repos should be non-publishing (issue3266)
  • cmdserver: invalidate the dirstate when running commands (issue3271)
  • context: make workingctx.forget() really warn about untracked files
  • convert: ignore blank lines in mapfiles (issue3286)
  • convert: tolerate spaces between splicemap parent ids (issue3203)
  • convert: use splicemap entries when sorting revisions (issue1748)
  • dirstate: filecacheify _ignore (issue3278)
  • fetch: use update rather than clean when updating (issue3246)
  • forget: show warning messages for forgetting in subrepo correctly
  • graft: use proper revisions for copy detection (issue3265)
  • import: handle git renames and --similarity (issue3187)
  • largefiles: check whether specified patterns are related to largefiles strictly
  • largefiles: don't break filesets
  • largefiles: only cache largefiles in new heads
  • largefiles: use for new files in .hg/largefiles
  • localrepo: clear _filecache on rollback (issue3261)
  • localrepo: reset _phasesdirty flag after writing
  • localrepo: use 'changectx.dirs()' in 'status()' for directory patterns
  • log: fix --follow FILE ancestry calculation
  • log: remove caching of all visited revisions (issue3253)
  • log: restore cache used by --copies
  • mdiff: adjust hunk offsets with --ignore-blank-lines (issue3234)
  • mq: fix qapplied --last and qprev documentation (issue3282)
  • mq: fix qnext when all remaining patches are guarded
  • mq: make qimport --push push all imported patches (issue3130)
  • mq: make qprev return the previous applied patch (issue3245)
  • mq: restore _branchtags() fast path (issue3223)
  • patch: fix fuzzing of hunks without previous lines (issue3264)
  • patch: fuzz more aggressively to match patch(1) behaviour
  • pull: backout change to return code
  • scmutil: update cached copy when filecached attribute is assigned (issue3263)
  • setup: handle output from Apple's Xcode 4.3 better (issue3277)
  • subrepo: fix for merge inconsistencies
  • update: delete bookmarks.current when explicitly updating to a rev (issue3276)
  • update: don't move the active bookmark if a rev is specified with -r
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