Apache Directory Studio 2.0 M3

发布于 2012年03月01日
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Apache Directory Studio 2.0 M3 发行说明:

* [DIRSTUDIO-764] - Image Editor does not work correctly
* [DIRSTUDIO-765] - Can not export DSML
* [DIRSTUDIO-767] - All attribute names are lowercase when using Apache Directory LDAP Client API
* [DIRSTUDIO-768] - Error while searching using a filter on a binary attribute
* [DIRSTUDIO-769] - Alt-S shortkey does not work in Search Dialog
* [DIRSTUDIO-770] - Typos in french translation
* [DIRSTUDIO-771] - Searches are not saved when closing Studio 2.0 M1/M2
* [DIRSTUDIO-772] - Entry UUID Editor can't display eDirectory GUID
* [DIRSTUDIO-773] - IllegalArgumentException thrown when copying the RootDSE
* [DIRSTUDIO-776] - Misleading title for action "Open 'Search Result'/'Bookmark'/'Entry' in DIT" in LDAP Browser view context menu
* [DIRSTUDIO-777] - Renaming entry fails when using Apache Directory LDAP API
* [DIRSTUDIO-778] - NullPointerException when refreshing a TableEntryEditor
* [DIRSTUDIO-779] - Label for folded attributes in TableEntryEditor is not updated when quick filter is used
* [DIRSTUDIO-783] - The 'Rename Entry' dialog doesn't resize automatically when adding or removing RDN parts

* [DIRSTUDIO-713] - Improve the 'Show in' sub-menu of the TableEntryEditor
* [DIRSTUDIO-780] - Allow Apache Directory Studio to be pinned to Windows 7's taskbar
* [DIRSTUDIO-782] - Improve Windows installer with JRE detection and creation of 'Apache Directory Studio.ini' file
* [DIRSTUDIO-784] - Add the ability to sort searches in the LDAP Browser view
* [DIRSTUDIO-785] - Add the ability to sort bookmarks in the LDAP Browser view

Apache Directory Studio 是一个 LDAP 的工具平台,用来连接到任何 LDAP 服务器并进行管理和开发工作。

主要功能:LDAP浏览器、LDIF编辑器、嵌入式 ApacheDS、ACI编辑器。

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