Google PerfTools 2.0 发布

发布于 2012年02月06日
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这个工具可让开发创建更强大的应用程序,特别是那些用C++模版开发的多线程应用程序,包括TCMalloc, heap-checker, heap-profiler 和cpu-profiler。

Google PerfTools 2.0发布.2012-02-04 上一个版本是2012-01-31的1.10 同时名字改成gperftools。


Fri Feb 03 15:40:45 2012  Google Inc. <>

	* gperftools: version 2.0
	* Renamed the project from google-perftools to gperftools (csilvers)
	* Renamed the .deb/.rpm packagse from google-perftools to gperftools too
	* Renamed include directory from google/ to gperftools/ (csilvers)
	* Changed the 'official' perftools email in
	* Renamed google-perftools.sln to gperftools.sln
	* PORTING: Removed bash-isms & grep -q in
	* Changed copyright text to reflect Google's relinquished ownership

Tue Jan 31 10:43:50 2012    Google Inc. <>

	* google-perftools: version 1.10 release
	* PORTING: Support for patching assembly on win x86_64! (
	* PORTING: Work around atexit-execution-order bug on freebsd (csilvers)
	* PORTING: Patch _calloc_crt for windows (roger orr)
	* PORTING: Add C++11 compatibility method for stl allocator (jdennett)
	* PORTING: use MADV_FREE, not MADV_DONTNEED, on freebsd (csilvers)
	* PORTING: Don't use SYS_open when not supported on solaris (csilvers)
	* PORTING: Do not assume uname() returns 0 on success (csilvers)
	* LSS: Improved ARM support in linux-syscall-support (dougkwan)
	* LSS: Get rid of unused syscalls in linux-syscall-support (csilvers)
	* LSS: Fix broken mmap wrapping for ppc (markus)
	* LSS: Emit .cfi_adjust_cfa_offset when appropriate (ppluzhnikov)
	* LSS: Be more accurate in register use in __asm__ (markus)
	* LSS: Fix __asm__ calls to compile under clang (chandlerc)
	* LSS: Fix ARM inline assembly bug around r7 and swi (lcwu)
	* No longer log when an allocator fails (csilvers)
	* void* -> const void* for MallocExtension methods (llib)
	* Improve HEAP_PROFILE_MMAP and fix bugs with it (dmikurube)
	* Replace int-based abs with more correct fabs in a test (pmurin)

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