PhoneGap 1.4 发布,引入构建云服务

发布于 2012年02月01日
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今天 PhoneGap 宣布了 1.4 版本的发布,该版本除了修复 1.3 中的许多 bug 之外,还引入了 PhoneGap 构建云服务的完全支持。该服务可以在线将开发者在云端的 HTML、JavaScript 和 CSS打包并发布可发布到 App Store、Android Market 以及其他平台的 app。

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下面是关于 PhoneGap 1.4 在各个不同平台上值得关注的改进内容(what is new in PhoneGap 1.4.0):


  • Work-around Feature for Classic PhoneGap 320×480 resolution
  • Add compass demo for Android
  • IllegalArgumentException if it is not a JPEG nor a PNG
  • Adding JUnit dependency
  • Fixing issue with FileTransfer.upload when the passed in url contains a ?
  • Allow internal SD Card to be used as storage
  • Fixing a timing issue with the web view history not being cleared properly
  • Making preference reading code more robust
  • Using preference=fullscreen for fullscreen view


  • #124: Adding Battery events to the PlayBook.
  • #153: Default for camera destination type changed from DATA_URL to FILE_URI.
  • #CB-122: native JSON writer class needs expandable char buffer
  • Fixing playbook plugin manager

Note: These are not the BlackBerry highlights. That is literally all of the new documentation for BlackBerry in PhoneGap 1.4.0.


  • Added stand-alone PGViewController (Cleaver - PhoneGap as a Component)
  • Added 'How to Use PhoneGap as a Component' doc to the .dmg (as a PDF)
  • Added for legacy support of deprecated PhoneGapDelegate, in core plugins
  • Updated the app icons, splash-screens, and template icons for the Xcode template to Cordova ones
  • Added Battery core plugin to PhoneGap.plist

Windows Phone

  • Compass API fixes
  • Added VERSION file to be like other platforms
  • Updated phonegap.js to include XHR updates
  • Fix for single document - multipage layouts
  • Changed default destination to FILE_URI
  • Acceleromter fix #CB-141 - InvariantCulture

PhoneGap 已经日趋完善了,你是否开始考虑使用 PhoneGap 来开发移动app了呢?

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