Pale Moon 9.1 / Pale Moon 3.6.28

发布于 2012年01月25日
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最近一个修改版的Firefox - Pale Moon在国外相当热门,它主要是为了提升Firefox的速度而设计,带来了更多的编译器优化,提高了其速度和效率,特别是有关数学和逻辑运算环节,Pale Moon的速度很占优,三角函数计算快32%,MD5哈希测试快31%,作者还在最新的版本7中加入了语言包和便携版本。

下载: Pale Moon 9.1
下载:Pale Moon 9.1 x64
下载:Pale Moon 9.1 Portable
下载:Pale Moon 9.1 x64 Portable
下载:Pale Moon 8.0
下载:Pale Moon 8.0 x64
下载:Pale Moon 8.0 Portable
下载:Pale Moon 8.0 x64 Portable
下载:Pale Moon 3.6.28
下载:Pale Moon 3.6.28 Portable

Changes in Pale Moon 3.6.28:
* DNS prefetching is now disabled by default to prevent router hangups
* Fix for browsing history not being saved in certain situations (Bug #705610)

Changes in Pale Moon 9.1:
This update implements relevant fixes from Firefox 10 in terms of security and stability. Additional new functionality found in Firefox 10 has not been implemented. In addition, the following fixes:
* Update to the status bar component to fix pop-up status and links, as well as a few other small issues.
* Update to the add-on compatibility assistant to no longer display the status bar core add-on as selectable
* Update to a few default settings based on usage metrics
* Removed some commercial search engines (e.g. Amazon) and added DuckDuckGo/SSL

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