Nyagua 2.0 Beta 发布,家庭水族箱管理

发布于 2012年01月05日
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Nyagua 是一款用 Java 开发的,适用于家庭水族馆的管理软件。

Nyagua 2.0 Beta 改进内容:

A new navigation tree for direct access to the utility,fishbase and plantsbase tabs. New input control for date fields. A new internal plot engine as an option vs gnuplot. The sqlite-jdbc library version has been changed to have full 64-bit compatibility. New readings report and analysis. A pump flow calculator has been added to the utility. This release adds the new fields PO4, O2, and Density to the readings table. It adds the new field Life span to the FishBase table. It solves annoying input bugs

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