ModeShape 2.7.0.Final 发布

发布于 2011年12月24日
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ModeShape 团队发布了 ModeShape 2.7.0.Final. 可通过 JBoss Maven repository (详情 our Maven instructions) 或者通过 downloads page 获取

2.7 版本主要是 bug 修复和一些小提升

  • improved memory usage during export and indexing
  • fixed JPA connectors use of 2nd level cache for Hibernate 3.3 and later
  • JPA connector’s background garbage collection can be disabled
  • JPA connector no longer caches large value entities
  • fixed race condition in RepositoryConnectionPool
  • added public API methods to register node types in CND files, eliminating need for depending upon implementation classes
  • a few public API interfaces/methods that were redundant with JCR 2.0 have been deprecated
  • added support for setting values with custom javax.jcr.Binary implementations
  • added public API methods to get the SHA-1 hash of binary values
  • fixes to query processing
  • fixes to enable building on Windows
  • corrected Teiid sequencers generation of transformation queries
  • upgraded to Tika 1.0
  • upgraded versions of several Maven plugins
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