Google PerfTools 1.9 发布

发布于 2011年12月23日
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这个工具可让开发创建更强大的应用程序,特别是那些用C++模版开发的多线程应用程序,包括TCMalloc, heap-checker, heap-profiler 和cpu-profiler。

Google PerfTools 1.9发布.2011-12-22 上一个版本是2011-08-26的1.8.3


Thu Dec 22 16:22:45 2011    Google Inc. <>

        * google-perftools: version 1.9 release
        * Lightweight check for double-frees (blount)
        * BUGFIX: Fix pprof to exit properly if run with no args (dagitses)
        * Suggest ASan as a way to diagnose buggy code (ppluzhnikov)
        * Get rid of unused CACHELINE_SIZE (csilvers)
        * Replace atexit() calls with global dtors; helps freebsd (csilvers)
        * Disable heap-checker under AddressSanitizer (kcc)
        * Fix bug in powerpc stacktracing (ppluzhnikov)
        * PERF: Use exponential backoff waiting for spinlocks (m3b)
        * Fix 64-bit nm on 32-bit binaries in pprof (csilvers)
        * Add ProfileHandlerDisallowForever (rsc)
        * BUGFIX: Shell escape when forking in pprof (csilvers)
        * No longer combine overloaded functions in pprof (csilvers)
        * Fix address-normalizing bug in pprof (csilvers)
        * More consistently call abort() instead of exit() on failure (csilvers)
        * Allow NoGlobalLeaks to be safely called more than once (csilvers)
        * PORTING/BUGFIX: Fix ARM cycleclock to use volatile asm (dougkwan)
        * PORTING: 64-bit atomic ops for ARMv7 (dougkwan)
        * PORTING: Implement stacktrace for ARM (dougkwan)
        * PORTING: Fix malloc_hook_mmap_linux for ARM (dougkwan)
        * PORTING: Update linux_syscall_support.h for ARM/etc (evannier, sanek)
        * PORTING: Fix freebsd to work on x86_64 (
        * PORTING: Added additional SYS_mmap fixes for FreeBSD (chappedm)
        * PORTING: Allow us to compile on OS X 10.6 and run on 10.5 (raltherr)
        * PORTING: Check for mingw compilers that *do* define timespec
        * PORTING: Add "support" for MIPS cycletimer
        * PORTING: Fix fallback cycle-timer to work with Now (dougkwan)
        * PERF: Move stack trace collecting out of the mutex (taylorc)
        * PERF: Get the deallocation stack trace outside the mutex (sean)
        * Make PageHeap dynamically allocated for leak checks (maxim)
        * BUGFIX: Fix probing of nm -f behavior in pprof (dpeng)
        * BUGFIX: Fix a race with the CentralFreeList lock before main (sanjay)
        * Support /pprof/censusprofile url arguments (rajatjain)
        * Change IgnoreObject to return its argument (nlewycky)
        * Update malloc-hook files to support more CPUs
        * BUGFIX: write our own strstr to avoid libc problems (csilvers)
        * Use simple callgrind compression facility in pprof
        * Print an error message when we can't run pprof to symbolize (csilvers)
        * Die in configure when g++ is't installed (csilvers)
        * DOC: Beef up the documentation a bit about using libunwind (csilvers)


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