S3QL 1.7 发布

发布于 2011年11月28日
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S3QL 是个用来在线存储数据的文件系统,支持 Amazon S3 、SFTP 服务器等。

S3QL 1.7 改进内容:

  • Metadata is now stored in a custom, delta-encoded binary format, and inodes are assigned sequentially and not reused.
  • This makes S3QL fully NFS-compatible.
  • s3qlcp now also copies extended attributes and no longer generates incorrect block reference counts when copying a file which has identical blocks.
  • This release eliminates a race condition in s3qlcp.
  • When copying a file with s3qlcp immediately after it was modified or created, it was possible that s3qlcp would copy the new file attributes but the old data blocks.
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