SyncMate 3.5 发布,支持 Android 4.x 同步

发布于 2011年11月18日
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SyncMate是新的信息管理工具,可同步文件夹,书签,通讯录, iCal, iTunes , iPhoto信息到你的装备上,并可以检查设备的电池状态。

Release Notes:

1. This release adds synchronization with Android 4.x devices.
2. It fixes a connection issue for iOS 5.x devices.
3. Self-ejection of mounted devices during the sync process has been fixed (an issue occurred when syncing Android and Windows Mobile devices and iPhones).
4. An application freeze when an incoming request from another Mac was rejected has been fixed.
5. A sync loop when the mask of Folder* type was used during folder synchronization has been fixed.
6. Imрroved autosync with Android via Wi-Fi.
7. Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7.2, including mounting devices for data synchronization

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