Apache Turbine 2.3.3 发布

发布于 2008年11月23日
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o Added getBooleans() and getBooleanObjects() to the ValueParser to provide
"more orthogonal" interface.
o Made ValueParser and BaseValueParser locale-aware. Note that the default
locale used is always the default value of the JVM which is different from

the previous behaviour where the locale used was sometimes Locale.US (for
float, double and BigDecimal) and sometimes the JVM-default (for dates).
o The init() method in LocalizationTool is no longer declared as final - you

can now extend this class to provide alternative ways of initializing the
o Default ServerData values can now be specified in
o Added an extension of LDAPUser named ActiveDirectoryUser to simplify the
authentication against AD servers. Added some documentation with a
configuration example.
o Extended Intake to allow validators based on comparisons between fields of

the same group. Two example validators are provided, for date ranges and
for integer ranges.
o Added JSON-RPC Service to support JavaScript to Java AJAX communications
using JSON-RPC-Java. For further details see JSON-RPC Service.
o Added UI Service as a replacement for the UIManager pull tool (now
deprecated in favor of the backwards compatible UITool). For further
details see UI Service.
o Extended HtmlPageAttributes to allow generic tags in the
HTML head section.
o Added Thomas's variation on Siegfried's TurbineYaafiComponentService that
allows Fulcrum components to be used in Turbine 2.3 in a fulcrum-yaafi
container. Fixes TRB-27. Thanks to Thomas Vandahl.
o Extended the LocalizationService to provide formatting facilities.
o Extended Intake to care for localization and to allow user-defined field
types (type "custom"). The Validator interface has been extended so custom

validators must be adjusted unless they extend DefaultValidator.

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