LogAnalyzer 3.2.3 发布,syslog的Web前端

发布于 2011年11月09日
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LogAnalyzer 3.2.3 发布了,该版本主要是 bug 修复,详细内容包括:

1. Removes the magic quotes check from database functions (obsolete due to changes in the last version).
2. It merges changes from BUGID #288.
3. It fixes an internal filter parsing bug introduced in 3.2.2.
4. It fixes a bug with a syslog summary report missing checksum in report generation.
5. It fixes a bug in preparing filters for display in the basic report class.
6. It fixes a bug in the verification routine of sources admin when backslashes were in any other variables.
7. It fixes BUGID #291: custom filters are now taken care in database logstream sources when cleaning up data

LogAnalyzer 是一个 syslog 和其他网络事件数据的 Web 前端工具,提供简单易用的日志浏览、搜索和基本分析以及图表显示。

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