LimeSurvey 2.0 发布首个 Alpha 版本

发布于 2011年11月05日
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LimeSurvey 2.0 刚刚发布了首页 Alpha 测试版本,下载地址:



Changes from 1.91+ to 2.0alpha:

  • Ported LimeSurvey to use a PHP framework (magiclko,dionet)
  • Advanced way to create conditions/piping/micro-tailoring based on equations by using the Expression Manage (EM) engine (tmswhite)
  • Auto-generate Relevance Equation from Conditions when save question (tmswhite)
  • GUI for ExpressionManager (tmswhite)
  • Central participants database (anieshh)
  • A real installer (magiclko)
  • CodeMirror UI editor now used when editing templates  (magiclko)
  • $lwcdropdowns setting removed from config-defaults.php and moved to Advanced question settings for List with Comment question type (c_schmitz)
  • Ability to make last minute changes in the survey activation screen to settings that cannot be changed after activation anymore (c_schmitz)
  • Export multiple survey archives at the survey list as one big ZIP file (c_schmitz)
  • Export survey ZIP archive function with includes the survey structure, responses, tokens and timings - can be used for archival purposes or to move a survey from one server to another. (c_schmitz)
  • Global setting to restrict the languages being available in administration or frontend (c_schmitz)
  • Implemented mass actions in surveylist which allows to delete/expire several surveys at the same time - only available to super administrators (c_schmitz)
  • In deactivation screen you can choose now between deactivation and expiration (c_schmitz)
  • Multilingual question attributes (c_schmitz)
  • New RemoteControl 2 XML-RPC interface (instead of the old SOAP interface) (c_schmitz)
  • Randomization groups for question groups (c_schmitz)
  • Reorder questions/question groups per Drag-n-drop (c_schmitz)
  • Show modified question attributes at question summary (c_schmitz)
  • URL params for integration of survey panels (c_schmitz)
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