BaseX 7.0.1 发布,XML 数据库

发布于 2011年10月24日
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BaseX 是一个XML数据库,用来存储紧缩的XML数据,提供了高效的 XPath 和 XQuery 的实现,还包括一个前端操作界面。

Changes: This release is a reaction to user feedback and an intent to optimize the distribution packages. The Windows installer was updated to support the latest features. The zip file was updated (initial config and directories added). XQuery: much faster execution of count() when applied to opened databases. The flag -c connects to an existing database server; the flag -s specifies a port for stopping the HTTP server (Jetty); the flag -S starts the HTTP server as a service; running write operations will be completed before the server is stopped. Ruby, Python, PHP, and Java clients have been updated

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