Apache Jackrabbit 2.3.0 发布

发布于 2011年10月03日
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Apache Jackrabbit 2.3.0 发布了,Apache Jackrabbit 是由 Apache Foundation 提供的 JSR-170 的开放源码实现。

Changes in Jackrabbit 2.3.0

New features

  [JCR-952]  Support lower and upper case functions in "order by" clause
  [JCR-2454] spi2dav: JSR 283 NodeType Management
  [JCR-2697] Add support for encrpted db password in repository.xml
  [JCR-2851] Authentication Mechanism Based on Login Token
  [JCR-2879] SQL Azure support: clustered indexes
  [JCR-2911] Fine-grained access control for managing node types
  [JCR-2961] Improve logging of Session.save() to trace back root cause ...
  [JCR-3037] Add getPath method to Authorizable interface
  [JCR-3042] jcr-commons: add cnd writer functionality
  [JCR-3056] jcr-commons: Add utility to translate a string to a ...
  [JCR-3058] BundleDumper to analyze broken bundles
  [JCR-3078] Add CopyMoveHanlder so that the copy/move behavior can ...
  [JCR-3080] Add User#changePassword(String newPw, String oldPw)
  [JCR-3081] Add UserManager#getAuthorizableByPath(String) for symmetry ...


  [JCR-1483] Move common node type functionality to jackrabbit-spi-commons
  [JCR-1874] Move generic locking tests from jcr2spi to jackrabbit-jcr-tests
  [JCR-2415] Update Lucene to 3.0
  [JCR-2834] Make DefaultSecurityManager the default security manager ...
  [JCR-2835] Poor performance of ISDESCENDANTNODE on SQL 2 queries
  [JCR-2848] UserManagerImpl: typo in "compatibleJR16" config option constant
  [JCR-2854] Add option to make sorting in user/group query case insensitive
  [JCR-2856] Upgrade to latest SLF4J and Logback
  [JCR-2864] Use out-of-process text extraction
  [JCR-2873] Add a way to locate full text extraction problems
  [JCR-2875] Exclude the netcdf dependency
  [JCR-2876] org.apache.jackrabbit.server.io.IOUtil getTempFile misses ...
  [JCR-2877] Extend the consistency check in BundleDbPersistenceManager's ...
  [JCR-2885] Move tika-parsers dependency to deployment packages
  [JCR-2886] Add SessionImpl#isAdminOrSystem
  [JCR-2896] WebdavResponseImpl should cache TransformerFactory
  [JCR-2897] Remove jcr-commons dependency from jackrabbit-webdav
  [JCR-2898] [patch] remove bogus test
  [JCR-2916] Avoid String.intern() when indexing
  [JCR-2918] Avoid unnecessary index reader calls when using aggregate ...
  [JCR-2923] SQL2 parser: improved error message for ambiguous properties ...
  [JCR-2925] Various inner classes maintain references to owning class ...
  [JCR-2926] DefaultProtectedPropertyImporter masks several fields from ...
  [JCR-2929] Various places do map lookups in loop instead of using ...
  [JCR-2934] SQL2 queries are not logged
  [JCR-2942] Move privilege reader/writer to spi-commons and use ...
  [JCR-2943] UserManagement: membership cache default size too small
  [JCR-2944] Remove unnecessary NodeImpl references from LuceneQueryFactory
  [JCR-2946] Jcr-Server: Improve implementation of DavResource#...
  [JCR-2948] jcr-server: add possibility to PROPFIND the ...
  [JCR-2955] Use GrowingLRUMap in CachingEntryCollector
  [JCR-2957] Improve password hashing
  [JCR-2971] Revert subsequent token-node updates (tentatively introduced)
  [JCR-2972] Allow name to be set in PropertyInfoBuilder and NodeInfoBuilder
  [JCR-2975] Make ItemInfoBuilder name space aware
  [JCR-2976] Allow parent path to be set explicitly in NodeInfoBuilder
  [JCR-2977] AccessControlManager#getApplicablePolicy should check for ...
  [JCR-2978] Add accessor for parent to NodeInfoBuilder/PropertyInfoBuilder
  [JCR-2979] Deprecate RepositoryService.getNodeInfo method
  [JCR-2987] New JcrUtils utility methods
  [JCR-2993] Add method to set uuid in NodeInfoBuilder
  [JCR-2994] Add method to remove mappings from NamespaceMapping
  [JCR-2995] jcr2spi: create ChangePolling thread on demand
  [JCR-3002] Add read acessor for user data to SessionInfoImpl
  [JCR-3004] Check if a DAV-Request has a Label in the header, before ...
  [JCR-3011] Fix incorrect IndexingQueueTest logic
  [JCR-3019] RepositoryImpl.activeSessions should use Session instead ...
  [JCR-3020] AbstractRepositoryService should be able to handle ...
  [JCR-3021] AbstractRepositoryService.createSessionInfo should handle ...
  [JCR-3026] davex remoting has a performance bottleneck due limit of 2 ...
  [JCR-3027] JCR Server has concurrency issues on JcrWebdavServer....
  [JCR-3029] JcrRemotingServlet should interpolate system properties ...
  [JCR-3032] QDefinitionBuilderFactory should auto-subtype from nt:base
  [JCR-3033] Provide a method for writing name space declarations in ...
  [JCR-3044] Remove ImportContextImpl#getDetector
  [JCR-3045] ResourceConfig: read additional parameters for IOHandler ...
  [JCR-3046] Improve exception handling in observation (ChangePolling)
  [JCR-3047] OperandEvaluator should be able to handle Nodes as well, ...
  [JCR-3048] Upgrade to latest Apache parent POM
  [JCR-3051] AbstractLockTest.testLockExpiration fails intermittently
  [JCR-3054] Deprecate RepositoryService.getPropertyInfo method
  [JCR-3055] NPE in event polling thread
  [JCR-3062] Move FilterIterator and SizedIterator from package flat ...
  [JCR-3066] Use only one scheduler for repository tasks
  [JCR-3067] Remove timeout handling from TransactionContext
  [JCR-3073] Explicit management of public API
  [JCR-3076] Mandatory authentication prevents webdav client connections

Bug fixes

  [JCR-2026] DbDataStore: garbage collection deadlock
  [JCR-2837] Test failures in jcr-rmi and jcr2dav
  [JCR-2861] Internal Timeout Handling in the TransactionContext is not ...
  [JCR-2863] Session#importXML can't handle properly uuid collision if ...
  [JCR-2880] Save fails after setting a binary property twice
  [JCR-2883] Node.orderBefore and JackrabbitNode.rename should check for ...
  [JCR-2888] Namespace comparison in Namespace.java doesn't work, if a ...
  [JCR-2890] Deadlock in acl.EntryCollector / ItemManager
  [JCR-2894] AbstractLoginModule#logout() : credentials will not be ...
  [JCR-2895] SessionImpl#getSubject() should return an unmodifiable subject
  [JCR-2899] [patch] fix uppercase/lowercase handling for not equal to
  [JCR-2903] Session.importXml should close the input stream (as to ...
  [JCR-2909] EntryCollectorTest failure on certain Java versions
  [JCR-2915] Creating AccessControlEntryImpl from a base entry results ...
  [JCR-2919] Security of token base authentication
  [JCR-2920] Workspace.copy(src, dest) throws unexpected ...
  [JCR-2921] URIResolverImpl: use of bitwise instead of logical AND operator
  [JCR-2922] JcrParser: use of bitwise instead of logical AND operator
  [JCR-2931] Compatibility issue if admin impersonates admin session
  [JCR-2939] QueryObjectModel does not generate the corresponding SQL2 ...
  [JCR-2940] PrivilegeDefinition should implement equals and hashcode
  [JCR-2945] Token authentication parameters are not loaded from JAAS ...
  [JCR-2952] PrivilegeHandlerTest fails on Windows
  [JCR-2954] SQL-2 query returns more than the requested column
  [JCR-2973] ItemInfoBuilder should not include PropertyInfos in ChildInfos
  [JCR-2981] Bundle of events may be dropped due to NP.
  [JCR-2984] JCR2SPI NamespaceRegistryImpl.unregisterNamespace passes ...
  [JCR-3003] Tika configuration may use wrong class loader
  [JCR-3014] Identifier paths for inexistent items throw exception
  [JCR-3024] [SPI] Node.setProperty with null value throws ...
  [JCR-3025] NPE in ConsolidatingChangeLog
  [JCR-3049] NPE in ConsolidatingChangeLog for id base NodeId
  [JCR-3057] ItemInfoBuilder fails to set correct path on properties
  [JCR-3070] SystemSession.isAdmin() should return true
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