Fotoxx 11.10 发布,照片处理软件

发布于 2011年10月03日
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Fotoxx 是一款 Linux 平台下用于处理照片的一个开源的自由软件,虽然不及大家熟知的“光影魔术手”的功能那么强大,但对于照片的日常上的简单处理还是足够了。可以进行简单的去 红眼,补光,模糊化,角度调整,裁减,形变,等等常用的照片处理。不过遗憾的是这款软件目前还没有中文版,对于英文差的朋友来说上手有点难度。

Changes: A classic gamma curve edit was added, and can be applied to the whole image or a selected area. A "slanted" image can be quickly straightened, e.g. a gallery picture photographed at an angle to avoid reflections. Slide Show can optionally show only the last version of each image. The spacebar can be used to pause and resume. Printing was revised to work better with recent changes in HPLIP ("paper mismatch" errors). If new files are found, offer to perform an incremental synchronization. Warns if overwriting an original (non-versioned) image (the warning can be turned off).

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